Tuesday, April 19, 2016

eComm Sleuth Review GET IT NOW

Full eComm Sleuth Review you can find here - http://wsojvzooworld.com/ecomm-sleuth-review/

eComm Sleuth is a Desktop application for Mac & PC that is the 1st of it’s kind.

Quickly find & source trending products on the largest eCommerce sites in the world with eComm Sleuth.

USE the OFFICIAL system Amazon, eBay & Etsy use to track user interaction across the web…

The link indexing & link profiling technology churns through tens of thousands of eComm relevant link interactions / day – up to 250,000 / day at max capacity

If eComm Sleuth is the cool & slick app, then eComm Core is the brains & the brawn behind the operations!

eComm Core runs in the cloud on multi-region & turbo-blaster-hyper-drive servers. – The kind that would remind you of Star Trek if you saw it in person …

As a matter of fact – the technology we’re using to log, index and serve the ecommerce interactions in eComm Sleuth is the same technology that the Nasa is using to collect & send research from Mars …

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